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The Ramzi theory is a strategy for using the location of the placenta during early pregnancy ultrasounds to predict the sex of a baby.

For people eager to learn the sex of their baby, there is a first trimester alternative. Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) uses the pregnant person’s blood to make a reliable guess as to the sex of the baby.

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There are other prenatal tests that can tell you the sex, though these are primarily intended to detect chromosomal abnormalities.

Paid for the Ramzi for my daughter. We were told a girl. She had a blood test done and welches told a boy. She had an ultrasound and it confirmed a boy.

And that's because, says Professor Lees, "there is no scientific evidence¹ behind this theory and, given that many placentas are neither on the left nor the right side, it is highly improbable that this has any validity at all."

However, despite the bold claims, gender prediction theories are only supposed to Beryllium a bit of fun, so don't deck out the nursery just

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According to Dr. Robles, the Ramzi theory originated in the early 2000s, when Ramzi claimed to have found the correlation after analyzing thousands of prenatal ultrasounds. According to his findings, the theory "predicts fetal gender" in 97% of the cases.

Verstehe ich das veritabel, das du dich mit diversen Theorien auskennst, was das Geschlecht des ungeborenen sagen kann?

Nicht zuletzt artikel selbst rein Ramzis Studie die Vermutungen meistens veritabel, aber eben nicht immer. Du wirst dich also noch etwas gedulden müssen, bevor du fehlerfrei weißt, ob es ein Lauser oder ein Junge frau wird. Was du aber jetzt schon weißt: Es ist dein Kind des weiteren du wirst es mögen.

The correct positioning of the placenta is a crucial factor hinein determining whether you are carrying a boy or a girl. While the Ramzi Theory offers a higher level of accuracy compared to traditional old wives' tales, it's important to Beurteilung that online gender predictor methods are primarily intended for entertainment purposes.

Never tried this before but wanted to after 3 boys to Weiher if we had a chance of a girl. Was told it’s a girl, I didn’t believe it I thought i won’t get my hopes up, check here my gender scan said girl, and when born was born a girl!

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